Japan Doll’s Festival or Hinamatsuri 2022: Date, Customs And Significance.

Hinamatsuri is a day to celebrate the girls, their families and their happiness. The festival takes place on March 3rd every year in Japan and is celebrated by many different communities around the world. It’s about honoring the lives of young girls.

The takeaways from this festival are that it’s a day for parents to appreciate their daughters, wish them happiness and hope for future success.

What is Hinamatsuri?

Hinamatsuri is the Japanese “Girl’s Day Festival.” It takes place on March 3rd every year and is celebrated by many different communities around the world. The festival is about honoring the lives of young girls, their families and their happiness.

Why Do People Celebrate Hinamatsuri On March 3rd?

Hinamatsuri is traditionally celebrated on March 3, which is the birthday of the Emperor’s mother, Empress Jito.

In Japan, it has been customary to celebrate the Hinamatsuri festival on the third of March to pay homage to Jito. The Emperor eventually set this day aside as an official national holiday for women and girls.

Hinamatsuri has also grown into a worldwide celebration of women and girls who hold important positions in society.

The Significance of Hinamatsuri

Hinamatsuri is a day for the girls, their families and their happiness. But it’s also about remembering those who have been lost or have passed away. Family members surround the girl with dolls or figurines of people and animals to signify the family unit of fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. They may also set up a display of picture frames commemorating family members who have died (typically grandparents). In addition, some families make an effort to include other relatives (aunts, uncles) as well as friends in the celebration by giving them dolls or miniature figurines as gifts.

Customs and How to Celebrate

Most celebrations of Hinamatsuri involve a shared meal. The meal is traditionally eaten in the evening and will often include noodles or rice cakes, fish or meat, vegetables, and tea. It’s also customary to wear formal clothing to celebrate this festival.

To commemorate the day, families may also give each other gifts such as money, clothes, or dolls.

Japan’s traditional song for Hinamatsuri goes as follows:

“Kimi wo matsu ōi no shūgakusei ni wa ōi no hito de nareba ii,” meaning “If you meet someone who is diligent and kind like you — it’s good.” This is often sung to girls before they go to school.

On the day of Hinamatsuri, some people might visit a shrine or temple to pray for their success in their future endeavors.

It’s important not to forget your loved ones on this day — whether they’re alive or not. Make sure that you reach out and tell those that are gone how much they mean to you so that these memories never fade!


The festival of Hinamatsuri is a traditional Japanese celebration that falls on March 3rd. This day celebrates the arrival of spring, the time when the cherry trees are in full bloom.

Hinamatsuri is a day for girls, as the celebration falls on March 3rd – or the third day of the third month in the old lunar calendar. It is also known as Doll’s Festival in English, which refers to the tradition of filling a small dollhouse with miniature furniture, clothes, and dolls.

Hinamatsuri customs include visiting friends and family and giving gifts. Gifts are given to children, often in the form of red money envelopes with a higher number of coins inside for older girls. Traditional Japanese food is also enjoyed on this day.

As a result of this tradition, many girls make a wish during the festival, which is thought to be granted if their wish is written on an origami crane.

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